Egg Your Block


Covid has forced us all to avoid big gatherings and to cancel big plans. So why not take the egg hunt right to your neighborhood?

Egg Your Block gives you everything you need to throw your own egg hunt right on your block with your neighbors. Here’s how it works:

1. Pick up your kit at Wingfoot.

2. Pick a time and location and let us know.

3. Spread the word to neighbors and friends.

4. Host the hunt and have fun!




     Interested in hosting a hunt? Here’s what you need to do:


    1. Pick up a kit. Kits are available at the Next Steps desk and include 100+ eggs to fill, invitations to send to your neighbors, a yardsign to put up at your site, and more. All you need to add is the candy.
    2. Plan your hunt. Pick a time and place that works best for you and your neighborhood, but before Easter 2021. Your front yard, a neighborhood park, or a shared parking lot at your apartment could work great. 
    3. Spread the word. Fill out the invite cards in the kit and send them to your neighbors and friends. Put out the yardsign at your egg hunt site. Get creative! Be sure to register your site in the form on this page so we can include you in our list!
    4. Host the hunt. Set up the eggs wherever your hunt is planned a few minutes early. Have fun! Be present and get creative with music, games, or decorations. Invite a friend or neighbor to help you out. Hand out Easter service invites to anyone interested. Collect the empty eggs and return them to Wingfoot when you’re done.


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    Curious if there’s a hunt near you? Drove by a sign and wondering if the egg hunt is legit?

    As the hunts are planned we will update this list so you can find the nearest egg hunt and join in the fun! Click the GPS egg to see a map of all our locations.


    • 792 Manitou Ave, Goodyear Heights – Saturday, March 27 5:00pm
    • 58 Cambrian Dr, Tallmadge – Saturday, March 27 1:00pm
    • Watson Park, Goodyear Heights – Wednesday, March 24 @ 6:30pm
    • Cuyahoga Falls – time and location coming soon
    • Kent – time and location coming soon




    In-Person & Online 10:30am

    The heart of the message of Christianity is that Jesus rose from the dead, just like he said he would. If Jesus rose from the dead, it changes everything.

    Join us for Easter Sunday at Wingfoot as we celebrate and explore the reality that Jesus rose from the dead. 


    Chances are you have some questions about how this actually works. Check out some FAQs here. 

    Got a question not answered here? Email Jon at [email protected].

    What is Egg Your Block?

    Egg Your Block is taking the fun of a large-scale Easter egg hunt right to your neighbors. By hosting an egg hunt in your front yard you’ll get a chance to connect with your neighbors in a Covid-safe way than large egg hunt events of the past.

    How does it work?

    Pick up a DIY egg hunt kit at the Next Steps Desk at Wingfoot on a Sunday morning. The kit has everything you need. Follow the instructions in the kit to pull off your own hunt at home. All you have to provide is the candy.

    What's the goal?

    There are two big goals for Egg Your Block. The first is to bless your block and get to know your neighbors in a new or deeper way by providing a fun event. The second is to extend an invite to your neighbors – either to Easter Sunday or to a further relationship with you as their neighbor.

    When is the hunt?

    You can set the date for your hunt, but the goal is to have all our neighborhood hunts prior to Easter Sunday.

    Do I have to do it on my own?

    NO! If you live close to someone at Wingfoot, consider teaming up to put on an event together. Better yet, collaborate with a neighbor to pull it off together!

    What if I don't have a big yard?

    That’s ok! Get creative. If there’s a nearby park, look into doing it there. If you live in an apartment complex, consider dropping off individual eggs at people’s doors or setting something up at the complex mailbox.

    What do I do after the event?

    Do two things after the event. First, collect any extra egg shells so we can reuse them in the future. Second, send us a picture or a report of how it went so we can celebrate with you!