In our first year as a church we are committing 1,000 acts of hope – intentional steps toward relationship and blessing the non-Christians in our lives.

What’s an act of hope? It’s taking time to intentionally bless a non-Christian. Here’s what we mean:

B: Be prayerfully present. Be praying for someone and present in their life.
L: Listen. Take time to ask questions and get to know someone who isn’t a Christian.
E: Eat. Share a meal or a cup of coffee and invest time in a relationship.
S: Serve. Find a creative or intentional way to serve someone. Bake cookies, rake leaves, take them a meal.
S: Story. Share your story of how Jesus has made you new with them.


Let us know how it’s going so we can celebrate as we seek to saturate our area with the hope of Jesus!

Who did you bless this week?

What act of hope did you commit?

13 + 5 =